Weathered French Hand-Carved Limestone Cherub Head

Weathered French Hand-Carved Limestone Cherub Head

Although there is a date of 1861 incised below the face, we know this piece is much earlier from its form and carving detail. We believe she originally was embedded in a wall over a doorway and could be so again. However, she would also make a lovely garden accent, perched against a tree base, or converted into a piece of sculpture atop a tall pole for the garden. Alternatively, imagine her atop a large table or desk indoors as an objet d’art, on a short museum mount (but half the backside would need to be removed because of weight). Regardless, she makes a very beautiful and unusual statement.

France, CA 15th-16th Century

H: 14.17 in D: 7.8 in W: 14.17 in

Price:  $3,800

Ref: SHE 1007