Seven Mid-Century French Painted Steel Mannequins

Seven Mid-Century French Painted Steel Mannequins

We found these tubular steel mannequins in the South of France and they are SO much fun! All retain a fair bit of their original painted surfaces but all have some surface rust. They can be sealed to keep the original patina intact if you plan to use them outdoors. We thought they would make funky trellises for beans or sweet peas, or group them around your pool or on your terrace for a unique conversation piece. All very solid and level. Priced and sold individually. Please note that the ones shown in the first seven photos came with their original rusty bases, but we had matching custom ones made for the other six mannequins. All 10 mannequins can be seen in photos 8-18, but three of the blue/green ones have been sold since these photos were taken.
From the left in the first photo, the first four measure:
Blue/Green mannequin: 64.75 hi x 17.25" wide x 18" square base SOLD
Black mannequin: 68.5" hi x 19.25" wide x 19" square base
Gold/White mannequin: 54.75" hi x 17.75" wide x 15 3/8" square base
Gold mannequin: 64.75" hi x 18" wide x 17.25" square base.
Please call or email us for dimensions on the remaining ones.

France, CA 1960.

Price:  $965 each SALE PRICE: $475 each

Ref: DSM 1003 B,C,D,G,H,I,K