Tall French Fleurs-de-Lys Terracotta Finial on English Terracotta Plinth

Tall French Fleur-de-Lys Terracotta Finial on English Terracotta Plinth

We’ve never seen any finial this tall, let alone such a stunning French one with 2 fleurs-de-lys and a detailed pineapple-form top. The beaded decoration near the bottom, combined with the fluted upright sections and barley-twist motif (near the base) are truly stunning, as is the condition. The color is a lovely pale salmon pink with a faded pale gray patina that works with everything in your garden. We have married it to a low English Victorian reeded plinth/pedestal to ground it and add even more presence. The plinth is in very good overall condition with a few nicks and chips and features a chippy and old white painted surface that is perfect to reveal the color underneath. Place this as the center focal point in an herb or rose garden and enjoy a truly unique piece of antique garden art. We strongly recommend installing the terracotta plinth on a piece of stone so that it does not wick moisture from the ground in climates that experience freeze-thaw cycles. BTW, the finial and base come apart for easy shipping and installation.

France, CA 1900; English, CA 1860

FInial Alone: H: 55.25 in Diameter: 15 in  

Plinth Alone: H: 11.5 in D: 15.75 in W: 15.75 in

Overall height: 63.5 in

Price:  $3,950

Ref: FBF 1070

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