French Arch-Top Square Arbor with Eight-Armed Plant Hanger

French Arch-Top Square Arbor with Eight-Armed Plant Hanger

This combination of pieces is truly stunning. The 19th Century square wrought iron arbor has been heightened by seamlessly adding several feet of matching pointed steel stakes to each leg that makes insertion into the ground a breeze. The similarly-aged eight-armed plant hanger is all hand-forged and has been hung from the center of the arbor to create more visual mass and provide a spot to hang 8 lush flower pots that will provide immediate shade while your climbers are getting started on the frame. When installed and planted, you will have a fabulous garden centerpiece that can fit a small table and four chairs for dining or, as shown in the photos, house a large fountain for added oomph. Please note that the copper fountain is not included in the price, but is available for $11,750.

France, CA 1880

Arbor: H: 84.75 in  D: 65.5 in  W: 65.5 in

Plant Hanger: H: 20 in  Diameter: 54.5 in

Price:  $8,800, the two pieces

Ref: POR 1046 & CPL 1004