Flared French Green Demi-Glazed Terracotta Pot

Flared French Green Demi-Glazed Terracotta Pot

We adore the vibrant glazing on this creamy-colored terracotta pot, as well as its elegant flared form. Dating to the mid-20th century, it has a single original drain-hole that can be plugged if you would like to use this as a large vase. In gorgeous overall condition, there is a small chip to the bottom rim, shown in the photos, right near the drain-hole, but it is invisible when the pot is standing. Please note that pots glazed on the inside were never intended to be used as planters, although clearly this one was at one time. It will be fine left outside planted up in mild winter climates, but must be brought inside during freezing weather in harsh climates. Beautiful alone as a focal point on a table or in a corner, or paired with some of our other green-glazed pots shown in the last two photos, this beauty will give you many years of visual pleasure and utility as well.

France, CA 1950

H: 20.25 in Diameter: 15 3/8 in Mouth Diameter: 9 in

Price:  $875

Ref: CPO 1046

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