Early 19th C French Biot Pot with Pale Yellow and Green Glaze

Early 19th C French Biot Pot with Pale Yellow and Green Glaze

We love Biot Pots in all sizes and glazes and this little one is a rare beauty. Hand-thrown from terracotta in the early 19th Century and from the Provencal town of Biot, famous since the 16th Century for its jars to hold olive oil, this one has a distinctive pale yellow glaze with pale green stripes. The green striping came from baking this pot in a kiln with a green-glazed pot above it whose glazing dripped down onto this Biot pot below. Biot pots make an elegant statement around a pool or in a large foyer, and are magnificent in a grouping, perhaps by the entrance to your home on in a courtyard. This one would be magnificent used as a large vase with a profuse spray of forsythia or curly willow branches or grouped with our green-glazed terracotta pots from Apt, shown in the last two photos. Please note that because Biot pots are glazed only on the interior and rim, they are not suitable for overwintering outside in cold climates except if emptied and covered. While we can drill them to function as planters, we recommend a custom fiberglass lining that we can have made for you. Be wary of any Biot pots of this size that are considerably cheaper. There are tons of knockoffs out there, but we guarantee the authenticity of ours. Please note that, in addition to the dimensions listed below, the pot measures 7.25 inches diameter at its base and 12.5 inches at its mouth.

France, CA 1820

H: 23.13 in Diameter: 16 in

Price:  $3,400

Ref: CPO 1047

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