18th Century Irish Rustic Stone and Slate Sundial

18th Century Irish Rustic Stone and Slate Sundial

This rustic sundial was hand-carved from stone and features its original and scribed slate dial plate with replaced bronze gnomon. Although the octagonal dial plate has suffered losses over the years, it is beautifully engraved with a central mariner's star, signed "James (illegible)" and dated "17 (illegible)". We replaced the gnomon with a hand-forged bronze one after the original was broken in half during shipment. Judging from the position of the gnomon, the dial was most probably made for a location in the far North, possibly Ulster. It would be perfect in an informal garden, placed in the center of wildflowers and azaleas. Please note there are cracks and losses to the slate dial plate; nicks to the edges of the stone pedestal with repairs, and darkened stone color secondary to the pervasive coal dust in the north of Ireland.

Northern Ireland, CA 1780

H: 40 in  D: 17 in  W: 17 in

Price:  $4,375

Ref: SUN 1006

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