Very Long French Lichened Teak Bench, Signed Paris

The lichened surface on this estate-sized bench is truly amazing and takes many decades to achieve this perfect patina. At almost 8 feet long, it would be wonderful in front of a long, deep border or for outdoor dining. In excellent structural condition, it has no wobbles or sags and will give you decades of pleasure. Please note that this bench does not need to be covered or brought inside, even in the harshest of winters.

We have a large complementary teak table that will seat 8-10 (FTD 1029), but the bench is slightly longer than the table, so we are selling it separately from the table. Both would do well on a deck or lawn overlooking the ocean or lake, where no one wants their back to the view! Please note that seat height is 16.25 inches.

France, CA 1970

H: 35.5 in D: 23.5 in W: 93.13 SH: 16.25 in

Price: SOLD

Ref: FBE 1067