Collection of Eleven 19th C French Iron-Studded Wooden Pétanque Balls

Collection of Eleven French 19th C Iron-Studded Wooden Pétanque Balls

Boules are used to play Pétanque, the French equivalent of Boccé, and this collection is stunning. Made from wood with iron studs for durability and dating to the 1840s, the set comprises two different sizes, 9 larger and 2 smaller ones and all beautifully-patinated from years of use. Use them as decorative objects, piled high in a chunky glass container or grouped on a table or mantle atop curtain rings which will keep them from rolling. In lovely antique condition, they all have a few dings, but they are newly cleaned and waxed, so that the beauty of the wood and metal studs shines through. Priced and sold as a set. Should you want the marvelous primitive French mortar they are displayed in, (CVA 1004 B), it is $950. Boule dimensions are as follows and are approximate:

Diameter: ~4 to 5 Inches

France, CA 1840

Price:  $1,850, the set

Ref: FBA 1021