Seated English Cast Stone Pig with Beautiful Patina

This little guy is a great collector's piece for aficionados of piggies. Seated and leaning forward a bit, he has a gentle, almost quizzical expression, the cutest curled tail, and a beautifully-weathered surface with greening and bits of moss. Place him on your steps to guard your front door, or combine him with his recumbent companion pig (Stock # SAN 1079) for a more substantial display. Please bring him inside in harsh winters, or at least place him on a piece of stone to prevent moisture wicking. However, during the spring, summer and fall, do put him in a damp and shady spot to continue his greening process and encourage the moss to bloom.

English, CA 1970s-1980s

H: 17.5 in D: 19.5 in  W: 10.5 in

Price:  SOLD

Ref: SAN 1080