Rare Large 17th C French Hand-Carved Limestone Corner Trough

Rare Large 17th C French Hand-Carved Limestone Corner Trough

Truly a very rare and special piece from Cognac, France, this trough was hand-carved to fit into a corner and, as such, has a rounded or bowed front on two sides, while the other two sides are flat. Originally used as a water cistern, it has a lightly-weathered surface with some moss, as it sat under a covered roof for centuries. There is an old repair to the front right of the curved side that shows as a vertical line, but it’s not ugly and in fact, will weather over in a few years. The trough is entirely watertight, but the photos do show a small area of dampness around our makeshift corks that we use to plug the original two drain holes. It will not leak once you have it properly plugged. It would make a fabulous water feature and is sufficiently deep to hold koi and water plants galore. Or plant it up with a spectacular array of flowers and vines. Please email or call us for better photos if you want. These aren’t the greatest! Please note that this piece weighs about 3000 lbs and will require a forklift to unload from the delivery truck. It should be installed on a concrete base to prevent sinking into the ground. The trough is hardy in all climates, provided that you empty it and cover the top in locations where freezing occurs in the winter.

France, CA 1650

Dimensions are as follows:

H: 26 in; Right Flat Side Width: 42.52in; Left Flat Side Width: 41.13 in; Corners to Front of Curve: 43.31 in; Back corner to front of curve: 53 in; Interior Depth: 20.87 in.

Price:  $14,500

Ref: CTR 1032

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