Long Primitive French Console Table in Chestnut and Oak

This wonderful old work table in chestnut and oak isi very Wabi-Sabi. Handmade and with loads of character, it would make a great console table in a minimal space environment, whether it be a loft, industrial setting, or mixed with more refined antiques. The legs have some old darkly-rusted iron repairs, and show old wormwood, which has been treated. The top has two old knothoes that have been knocked out in its former life. The table is steady, stabile, and fairly heavy and the true color of the wood is shown in Photos #11 and 12. Please note that because this table was handmade, it measures 31.25 inches high at one end, 30.5 inches high in the center and 29 inches high at the other end, but we think the slightly sloping surface only makes it more beautiful. However, the legs can be trimmed to make the table completely level for a modest up-charge. The top is 10 inches deep, but the overall depth for the table (measured at the feet) is 15.25 inches at one end and 15 inches at the other end. The table was originally constructed using mortise and tenon, but also has nails and pegs, and the two short horizontal cross-supports for the canted legs are not the same size. Absolute rustic perfection!

France, CA 1850.

H: 31.25 in D: 15.25 in W: 92 in

Price: SOLD

Ref: FTC 1017