Rare Pair of Three-Sided "Freeform" Planters Designed by Willy Guhl

Rare Pair of Three-Sided "Freeform" Planters Designed by Willy Guhl

Exceptionally difficult to find, we were thrilled to spot these on our most recent buying trip, even though the corner of one needed restoration. That corner has since been flawlessly restored and not even we can tell that a repair has been made. One planters sports a more weathered surface with greening, while the other is lightly weathered and has traces of its original white paint, but they work beautifully together. Plant them up with drippy sedum or mounded moss for a Zen loo. Designed by the iconic Willy Guhl in the 1960s and produced by Eternit of Switzerland, these planters are made of fiber cement, a lightweight, strong and durable material that can winter outside year-round in all climates, although we do recommend you empty them of dirt and keep the drain-holes open in harsh winters. Priced and sold as a pair. Please note that these photos were taken prior to restoration, but you can email us for new post-restoration photos if you like.

France, CA 1970

H: 15 1/8 in Long Side: 25.25 in Medium Side: 24 in Short Side: 18.5 in

Price:  $6,400, the pair

Ref: CPL 1152

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