Pair of Medium-Sized French Square Planters by Chanal

Pair of Medium-Sized French Square Planters by Chanal

We see pieces by the famous French maker, Chanal, from time to time, but this pair of medium-sized square planters is wonderful for lovers of truly crusty patina. In an exceptional weathered and greening surface with traces of crusty white paint with bits of moss and lichen, each planter features iron handles on two and cylindrical feet that raise the planters up sufficiently for them to drain. Made of fiber cement, a durable and lightweight material, these can be left outside in all weather, but we do recommend emptying them of dirt and turning them upside-down with their drain holes open in harsh winter climates. They would be lovely on a terrace potted up with mounded moss for a very Zen-like feel or go to town with a profuse display of tall annuals or perennials such as glauca, agapanthus or small topiary. In excellent structural condition, they will give you decades of planting pleasure, but also stand alone as sculptural pieces. Please note that we also have a pair of long, rectangular Chanal planters (Stock # CPL 1167) shown in the last photo that you might also want to form a grouping. Condition-wise, they are in good condition, but one handle has been bent and one foot broken off in shipping, but both defects are currently undergoing restoration and should be ready soon.

France, CA 1960-70

H: 16.25 in D: 13.5 in W: 13 5/8 in

Price:  $2,400, the pair

Ref: CPL 1154