Pair of French Wrought Iron Beaux Arts-Style Gates with Mounting Hardware #1

Pair of French Wrought Iron Beaux Arts-Stye Gates with Mounting Hardware #1

We found these gates in Provence, along with an identical, but slightly larger pair (POR 1060) that come complete with their hinges and mounting hardware, to make installation a snap. Beautifully wrought with a curved top and loads of sensuous scrolls, these would be perfect as access gates to your side or back garden. In older green paint with some mild surface rusting, they have an ingenious fastening mechanism at the top that lifts up to open and securely fastens when you want them closed (shown in photos #7-9). Please note that in the last photo, this pair of gates is on the left, with the slightly larger set on the right. Priced and sold as a pair. The overall dimensions are listed below, but the gates themselves (without the mounting hardware) measure 31.5” wide when abutted.

France, CA 1930s

H: 51.5 in D: 0.83 in W: 34.25 in

Price:  $3,500

Ref: POR 1059