Pair of French “Pierre de Cassis” Tazza Urns on Integrated Plinths

This stunning pair of urns is carved from a heavily fossilized and relatively-hard limestone quarried near Marseille, known as “Pierre de Cassis”. They feature a beautiful profile with stepped, multi-tiered bases to which the bowls are permanently attached. Each base measures 12 1/8 inches square, but the bowls protrude at the top to make the overall footprint 15 3/8 inches diameter. The planting wells are shallow, but can still handle plants that do not require a lot of soil such as sedum. Or you can pop a small pot from the nursery inside the wells for a more profuse look. With a gorgeous creamy beige color and obvious fossilisation, they are perfect flanking a doorway or entrance to your garden, as they stand alone as sculpture. In very good overall condition, they have a few knocks and chips to the bases commensurate with age and use. These urns can remain outside year-round in all climates, but we do recommend installing them on stone or a concrete footing to prevent moisture wicking. In harsh climates, please empty and cover the planting well in the winter.

France, CA 1950

H: 29.5 in D: 15 3/8 in W: 15 3/8 in

Price:  SOLD

Ref: CUR 1079