Near Pair of Large French Industrial Galvanized Zinc Tub Planters

These large round French galvanized zinc planters were originally used for some industrial function, but their beautifully-weathered surface and great size makes them perfect candidates for planters. Large enough to hold topiary or a huge display of grasses and sedum, they would make a stunning informal display flanking a doorway or the entrance to your garden. We particularly love the handles and industrial bolts around the sides. In excellent condition, these are priced and sold as a pair, although there is a difference in patina between the two, a slight variance in height, different handles, and one has a stenciled label "ordures" that literally means garbage. 

France, CA 1910-1930.

Stenciled Tub: H: 20.5 in D: 25 in w/o handles  D: 33 in w/handles

Unmarked Tub: H: 21.25 in  D: 25 in w/o handles  D: 33 in w/handles

Price:  SOLD

Ref: CPL 1140