Pair of Slender French Sunburst Art Deco Gates with Overthrow

This stunning pair of Art Deco gates features a rare sunburst design and the rusted patina with traces of original silver paint is quite beautiful. They have integral bottom railings on wheels, so you can more them around and also have an very long decorative overthrow that we can cut down to you preferred dimensions. They would be eye-catching inside our out, perhaps mounted on a wall for a stunning focal point. Of course, we can have them sandblasted and repainted or powder-coated to your specifications for a modest up-charge if you prefer.

France, CA 1920.

H: 80.35 in  D: 1.5 in  W: 36.7 in  Overthrow: W: 85.5 in  D: 0.5 in  W: 7 7/8 in

Price:  SOLD

Ref: POR 1047