Set of English Lead Four Seasons from Oprah Winfrey's Private Collection

Set of English Lead Four Seasons from Oprah Winfrey's Private Collection

A spectacular set of four lead figures, each representing a different season, are raised up on large plinth blocks of limestone with a beveled top edge. From Oprah Winfrey's personal collection, where they once graced her Montecito estate, they would make a stunning display in the center of four boxwood squares and a superb focal point in your parterre. From the left in the first photo, the figures represent Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn. Winter has a hooded cloak wrapped tightly around her, Spring features a crown of leaves and holds a cluster of leaves and grapes, Summer holds a garland of flowers, and Autumn holds a scythe in one hand and a sheaf of wheat tucked under her arm. Unsigned, but with lovely detailing, the figures sport a beautifully-weathered patina, as do the tops and some sides of the limestone plinths. The condition of the figures is perfect, with no breaks or repairs (and only a few squirrel nibbles on some of the feet), while the limestone plinths are in very good condition with only a few chips and nicks incurred in shipping that will soon weather-over. There is a slight variation in the dimensions of the figures, but they generally measure 31 inches high, while the plinths uniformly measure 18 inches square x 20.75 inches high. Dimensions below are the maximum for all figures. Please call if you would like individual measurements for the figures.

England, CA 1930

H:  52.25 in  D: 18 in  W: 18 in

Price:  $38,000, the set; SALE PRICE: $19,000

Ref: OW 1002