Two French Mid-Century Modern Steel Benches

Two French Mid-Century Modern Steel Benches

When we bought these distinctive steel benches in France, we thought they were a pair, but once we started photographing, we noticed that the perforated holes on the left-side bench are just a shade smaller than the ones on the right side (see photos 15 and 16). Nonetheless, unless they are placed tightly side-by-side, none but you will be the wiser. In old white crusty paint with remnants of green underpainting, they would be stunning in a contemporary garden or on the terrace or deck of a modern home. Supremely comfortable with canted backs, we can always have them sandblasted and repainted or powder-coated to your custom specifications for a modest upcharge. Please note that although we would prefer to sell them as a pair, we have listed the price per bench, in case you want just one.

France, CA 1950

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Price:  $1,950 per bench

Ref: FBE 1082 a, b