Very Long French Rustic Console Table in Pine

Very Long French Rustic Console Table in Pine

Originally used by French housewives to scrub laundry down by their local river or lake, tables such as these are now very difficult to find in France, as they are immediately snapped up for their elegant, simple form, worn tabletop surfaces, and sturdy construction. This is a beauty and has one of the most lovely tops we've seen in many a year. With simple nails + mortise and tenon construction, hand-planed legs, and pleasingly rough top, the simple beauty shines through. It would be wonderful as a console in a monastic contemporary loft or can be used outside as a serving table. Very Axel Veervordt!

France, CA 1880

H: 32 in D: 15.5 in W: 92.5

Price:  $2,800

Ref: FTC 1018