Exceptional Hand-Carved English Limestone Turkey

Exceptional Hand-Carved English Limestone Turkey

Now here is a figure we've never seen before and it is a stunner! A male turkey, nearly life-sized, he has been hand-carved from limestone and beautifully-weathered over the course of many years. Difficult to see because of the patination, his head features a prominent snood and wattles and the carving on his feathers and claws is exceptional. He would be stunning placed atop a pedestal at the center of a parterre or in the midst of a vegetable garden. In perfect condition, he is a most unusual find and one that will not last long. Benjamin Franklin advocated for the turkey to become the national bird of the United States, but lost out to Charles Thomson's choice of the bald eagle, which Franklin considered a "bird of bad moral character". 

England, CA 1940s

H: 31.5 in  W: 17.5 in  D: 26 in

Price:  $12,500

Ref: SAN 1073

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