Near-Oval 18th C Hand-Carved Cornish Trough

Near-Oval 18th C Hand-Carved Cornish Trough

We so love granite from Cornwall and we were lucky enough to score two gorgeous troughs on our last buying trip. This one is the larger of the two and featured a nearly oval shape with beautifully-rounded corners and a heavily weathered surface complete with lichen and moss. It is the perfect size for a water feature or a planter and granite is the hardest of stone, so no worries about leaving this beauty outside in any climate year-round uncovered. Please note weight is approximately 1250 lbs., but we will palletize it for shipping. Please note that one end of the trough is 15 inches; high, while the other end is 13 inches high. This is normal for hand-carved troughs of this age and granite is so hard that the taller end can be placed below grade by 2 inches in any climate without risk of cracking. Or you can use a shim on the shorter end.

France, CA 1780.

H: 14.25 in  D: 34.5 in  W: 55 in  ID: 8-10  in

Price:  $8,800

Ref: CTR 1021