Large Round French Faux Bois Table Base

Large Round French Faux Bois Table Base

When we bought this table, we knew the top was an iffy restoration job, but when it arrived, the top was way past saving. So here we have a realistic and very solid faux bois table base in excellent condition. It can easily take a 60" round top (the original top was 52" round and the iron ring measures 22" diameter). Perhaps a mottled tan and brown granite or marble top will do the trick for you and you won't have to pay for shipping the top! The table will work equally well inside or out and will lend a woodland motif to anywhere it is placed.

France, CA 1950.

H: 27 3/8 in  D: 28.5 in  W: 28

Price:  $2,200 RESERVED

Ref: FTB 1011