Large French Wooden Vendange Bucket from Burgundy

Large French Wooden Vendange Bucket from Burgundy

This wooden beauty was originally used to collect grapes from the vineyards during the "vendange" or grape harvest. It has an elaborate and quite stunning woven design to the top and bottom rims and has been branded with the initials "ML" under one handle. Hand-made of Sycamore and pine with wrought iron banding, we have left it in original found condition, but you may want to polish it with butcher's wax to remove the whitish areas and use it as a planter, kindling bucket, or storage for magazines and newspapers. Whatever use you choose, it is a stunning piece and will give you decades of pleasure inside or out. Please note it does not have drain holes, but we can drill them if you like.

France, CA 1920.

H: 16 in  D: 23 in  W: 39" w/ handles  W: 30" w/o handles

Price:  $1,100

Ref: CPL 1103