Large English Cast Iron Wall Planter Dated "1914"

Large English Cast Iron Wall Planter Dated "1914"

This stunning wall planter was originally the water-hopper for a firehouse in Norfolk England. We stripped its flaking paint and polished it to a high gloss followed by multiple coats of clear-coating, so rust will not become an issue for many years. It comes complete with a perforated bottom to drain water efficiently. It weighs on the order of 150 pounds, so it will need to be installed into stone or joints with heavy bolts, but what an effect! Pot it up with a profuse array of annuals or plant  small trimmed topiary in it for best effect.

England, CA 1914.

H: 20 5/8 in  D: 14.75 in  W: 31 3/8 in

Price:  $2,400

Ref: CPL 1045