Large English Cast Stone Tazza-Form Urn or Fountain

The superb detailing on this tazza-form urn, as well as its size, presence, and wonderful mossy surface make this piece a stand-out. Architecturally-commanding, it would make the perfect centerpiece in your rose or herb garden, either plumbed as a fountain (there is a good-sized center hole that makes plumbing a snap) or planted up with an exuberant, mounded planting with dripping vines down the side. It also stands alone as a piece of sculpture with its beautiful beaded rim and mossy overgrowth. In very good antique condition, there is a very thin and small crack to the edge shown in photo #10, as well as a few old weathered-over chips to the rim that do not impair its beauty or functionality. Made of cast stone and in two parts, it is very heavy and requires 4 men to lift the bowl. It should be sited on a concrete footing or piece of stone to prevent moisture wicking and should be emptied and covered during the winter in harsh climates.

England, CA 1950.

H: 29.5 in Diameter: 43.5 in

Price:  SOLD

Ref: FOU 1018