Huge Deep Canted Bowl Planter Designed by Willy Guhl #2

Huge Deep Canted Bowl Planter Designed by Willy Guhl #2

We were fortunate enough to recently find these two very-similarly sized enormous canted bowl planters, designed by the iconic Willy Guhl in the 1960s and produced by Eternit. However, because they are slightly different in size and have different weathered patinas, we are listing and selling them separately. This listing is for the lighter of the two planters, but you can see both pieces here in case you would like a near-pair. Made of fiber cement, a lightweight, strong and durable material, the planter can be left outside year-round, although we recommend that you empty and turn the planter upside-down in harsh winter climates. It would be stunning as a focal point in your garden or center driveway island, potted up with a profuse array of annuals, perennials or topiary. In very good condition, overall, there are a few minor chips to the rim, but no cracks or repairs. The planter has a multitude of drain-holes and a slight rim on the bottom to slightly elevate the planter, enabling good drainage.

Switzerland, CA 1970

H: 17.75 in Diameter: 55 7/8 in

Price:  $3,500

Ref: CPL 1163