Huge French Hand-Carved Limestone Trough with Residual Ivy Vines

Our most recent buying trip yielded three magnificent and very large troughs, all hand-carved from thick limestone and in excellent condition. This one has darker long side to it, but overall, it has more gray to the coloration than is shown in the photos taken in bright sunlight where it appears honey blond color. The patina is stunning with loads of lichen, residual ivy vines, and some moss on the bottom. It also has a two U-shaped cut-outs, one on either end that were used to accommodate a pipe for water. These, however, were filed in with a cast stone composition long before we bought it. Please note that the weight is on the order of 3000-4000 lbs and a forklift is required for shipping and delivery. Perfect as a focal point in a large garden, either as a fountain or as a planter. In the last photo, this trough is the middle one.

France, CA 1800.

H: 26.5 in  D: 35.5 in  W: 70.5 in  Internal Depth: 19.25 in

Price:  SOLD

Ref: CTR 1019