Graduated Set of Three Cast Iron Skull Opium Weights

We bought these cast iron skulls because they are so very cool, although probably not very old. Presumably opium weights, they have little wells on the underside of the skulls for weighing out opium, but since we're not in the opium business, we love them as decorative accents on a table. All are in wonderful condition. 

England, CA 2000

Large: H: 1.75 in  D: 2.75  W: 1 5/8 in

Medium: H: 1 3/8 in  D: 2 5/8 in  W: 1.5 in

Small: H 1.25 in  D: 1.25 in  W: 1.25 in

Price:  SOLD

Ref: DSW 1005