15th Century French Granite Lavoir or Trough with Fountain Backplate

15th Century French Granite Lavoir or Trough with Fountain Backplate

This rare and unusual keystone-shaped granite lavoir trough is from Sathe, France and dates to the 15th century. In amazing weathered condition, it has a contemporary feel because of its shape and color and would make an stunning focal point in your garden with its accompanying évier or fountain backsplash, mounted on a wall to cascade water into the lavoir. Alternatively, it would serve as a fabulous planter or self-contained herb garden! Durable in all climates, this one can remain outside uncovered anywhere (but do drain it, please). Very heavy (around 4000 lbs.), it will require a forklift when delivered. It would make an eye-catching fountain presentation in combination with our accompanying évier. The évier, hand-carved in the 15th century from a hard French limestone, was originally used as a receptacle for water piped inside a house through the lipped edge and down the channel to a little pool for washing. We envision it as a backplate for this lavoir fountain, drilled with a simple bronze spigot, with the water flowing down the channel into the lavoir.  The lavoir (trough) measures 19 in high x  44 in wide x 78.5 in deep. The évier (backplate) measures 34 in high x 10 in deep x 44 in wide. Overall height of both pieces together is 53 inches.

France, CA 1480.

H: 53 in  W: 44 in  D: 78.5 in 

Price:  $10,500

Ref: CTR 1013 + FOM 1004

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