Enormous French Square Wicker Basket with Handles

This basket is unusual for its grand size, square shape, and excellent condition. It is quite sturdy, no wobbles, and can be used as anything from a fireside container for logs and kindling to a catch-all for mittens, scarves, and hats in your mudroom. Alternatively, use a liner and fill with a profuse arrangement of annuals next to your door outside for a spectacular floral display. Although the basket appears to be a pale honey color in the bright sunlight, it definitely has a very pale grey tone to it when not in the direct sun. This neutral coloring works with any decor!

France, CA 1980.

H: 25 in w/o handles  H: 29 in w/ handles  D: 24 in  W: 24 in

Price:  SOLD

Ref: DSB 1039