Enormous French Hand-Carved Limestone Trough

Enormous French Hand-Carved Limestone Trough

This magnificent and very large hand-carved limestone trough features a pale creamy patina with lichen and some residual ivy vines. It had been lined around the inside bottom edge with a skim-coat of color-matched cement (as we found it) but when we tested it for water-tightness, we found that an old repair had given away and needed reinforcement. It is now without leaks and would make a fabulous fountain or water feature. Please note that the weight is on the order of 4000 lbs and a forklift is required for shipping and delivery. Perfect as a focal point in a large garden, either as a fountain or as a planter. In the last photo, this trough is the one to the far left-hand side.

France, CA 1800.

H: 29.75 in  D: 42 in  W: 82 in  Internal Depth: 21.75 in

Price:  $15,500

Ref: CTR 1018

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