French Cast Stone Statue of Venus at the Bath

French Cast Stone Statue of Venus at the Bath

Contrary to popular belief, classical garden statuary has not fallen out of fashion and pieces like this lovely figure of Venus at the Bath are very much in demand. In three-quarter size, Venus is bending down to finish disrobing with one foot planted on a rock outcropping. Her curly hair is tied in a topknot and her face shows a calm and beautiful contenance. With exceptional weathered patina, especially on her back, shoulders and knees, she has obviously spent much of her life outside, and can continue to do so if you install her on a piece of stone or cement footing. Durable outside in all climates, she would warrant covering in harsh winters where ice might catch in her crevices. In overall very good antique condition, there is a small amount of scraping to the right base of the statue incurred in shipping, as well as a small portion of her right shin that exhibits evidence of some old flaking. Her surface can be protected and preserved by a few coats of Permalac (available on Amazon), a sealant and water repellant that does not change the surface in any way. Please note that the foot of the statue measures 12.25 inches in diameter.

France, CA 1950

H: 43 in D: 14 in W: 12.75 in

Price:  $4,400

Ref: SFG 1027