French 19th Century Cast Iron Coq de Gaulois on Signed Conforming Pedestal

French 19th Century Cast Iron Coq de Gaulois on Signed Conforming Pedestal

Extremely rare, and reliably attributed to the famous French foundry of Antoine Durenne, this magnificent “Coq de Gaulois” is the national symbol of France and decorates many significant monuments across France. The casting detail is superb, still crisp, and very detailed and the Coq is in perfect condition. We found the conforming cast iron pedestal on the same buying trip and thought it would be perfect to elevate the Coq to his proper height. Also cast from iron, the pedestal is in excellent original condition, with no cracks, repairs or missing bits, although the painted surface has a moderate amount of surface rusting. The pedestal has maker plaques on two opposing sides of its base, but the plaques are so encrusted with old paint, they are illegible at the present time. Perfect as a focal point in your potager or inside as the gorgeous piece of sculpture it is, this pairing is spectacular in all respects. And, of course, we can have the Coq and/or pedestal sandblasted and repainted or powder-coated to your custom color specifications for a modest up-charge. We are happy to sell the Coq alone, but we will not sell the pedestal without the Coq. Please note that the diameter of the bottom globe on the Coq is approximately 10 in, while the top of the pedestal measures 10.5 in x 10 5/8”. Please contact us if you need a price on the Coq alone.

France, CA 1880

Coq Alone: H: 36 in D: 20 1/8 in W: 22 in

Pedestal Alone: H: 36 in W: 26.5 D: 26.5 in

Overall Height of Both Pieces: 72 in

Price:  $28,000

Ref: SAN 1081 + SPE 1016