English Hand-Carved 19th Century Bathstone Pedestal

English Hand-Carved 19th Century Bathstone Pedestal

Good hand-carved stone pedestals are difficult to source, and come in handy when you’re looking to raise up that lovely piece of statuary or urn in your garden. This one is a beauty and can be used with both its long or short side facing upwards. In good antique condition, it has a beautifully-weathered surface and the normal nicks and chips one would expect in a piece dating to the early 19th Century. Bathstone is hard and can be left outside and uncovered in all climates, but we do recommend siting it on a piece of stone or concrete footing to prevent moisture-wicking.

England, CA 1820.

H: 24 in D: 12 in W: 12 in

Price:  $2,400 RESERVED

Ref: SPE 1025

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