51 Folding French Bistro Chairs in Oak and Wrought Iron

51 Folding French Bistro Chairs in Oak and Wrought Iron

We were hesitant to buy so many bistro chairs at once, but then thought that we could sell them off in lots of whatever our clients want, but the minimum lot size is four. Of course, if you are planning an outdoor wedding, the entire lot would be superb, and because they fold almost flat, they won’t take up a lot of room. There are seven with residual old greenish-blue paint, one with newer slats, and the remainder sport an aged wooden finish. Because they are made of French oak, they are perfectly durable outside in all climates, but we would recommend that if you are going to leave them outside year-round, they should be coated with Permalac, a sealant that repels water and doesn’t change the color or finish of the chairs. Sturdy and comfortable, these will give you decades of pleasure as added seating in your garden for those large parties where extra chairs are always a problem. The dimensions listed below are when the chairs are open, but when folded, they each measure 37.75 inches high x 17.5 inches wide x 3.5 inches deep.

France, CA 1950

H: 33.38 in D: 16.38 in W: 17.5 in SH: 18.38 in

Price:  $195 each

Ref: FCH 1047

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