Three Pairs of French Perforated Zinc Florist Pots with Handles

Three Pairs of French Perforated Zinc Florist Pots with Handles

We love these buckets for their unusual form, height, pale grey color, and moveable handles. They were once florist pots or industrial carriers, but we are in the process of converting them to planters with liners. However, they also would make great storage buckets for small logs and kindling inside in a contemporary or industrial environment just as-is. One pair has four holes at the top and is slightly larger than the other two pairs with three holes. Two are stamped “OM” and “HFT” illegibly on their bottoms and all are in excellent antique condition with no cracks, repairs or other damage. They would be gorgeous flanking a doorway planted up with tall wavy grasses or a profuse bloom of glauca or agapanthus. Priced and sold by the pair. Please note that the listed price does not include the cost of liners, which is still to be determined, and we hope to have them finished by the end of March, 2019. You, however, may want to purchase them as is and have your own liners made, so we have listed them accordingly.

France, CA 1930

Three-Holed Ones: H w/o Handles: 21 5/8 H w/Handles: 26.25 D: 10 in W: 15 5/8 in

Four-Holed Ones: H w/o Handles: 22.5 in Ht w/Handles: 26.5 in D: 9.75 in W: 15 in

Price:  $2,250 per pair

Ref: CPL 1166 A, B, C