Set of Three French Carved Limestone Garden Lanterns

Set of Three French Carved Limestone Garden Lanterns

We are suckers for garden lanterns in all forms and were thrilled to find this group of three carved limestone lanterns on our most recent buying trip. Each is different in size, but they are all of the same lovely form, and sport a heavily-lichened and mossy surface. They would be gorgeous lining a pathway to your home or garden or placed atop a large dining table with fat pillar candles in each. Please note that these are in fair antique condition, and all have some chips and a few cracks to them that do not impair serviceability. They will be fine left outdoors year-round in mild climates, but do please bring them inside in harsh winters. Priced and sold as a set of three, the dimensions for each are as follows:

Short Lantern: H: 15.75 in Top: 10.25 in sq. Base: 7.75 in sq.

Medium Lantern: H: 16.5 in Top: 10.5 in sq. Base: 8 in sq.

Large Lantern: H: 18 in Top: 11.38 in sq. Base: 8.38 in sq.

France, CA 1880

Price:  $1,800, the set of three

Ref: LGL 1001