Three Small Elephant Ear Planters In the Style of Willy Guhl

Three Small Elephant Ear Planters in the Style of Willy Guhl

Very few people know that the company that produced all of Willy Guhl's designs,Eternit AG of Switzerland, had a French competitor named Élo. Élo changed the Eternit designs just a tad so as to avoid patent issues. These lovelies are the Élo version of the Willy Guhl Elephant Ear planters and can be distinguished by their 4 symmetrical downward sloping corners. Two have a superb patina, loaded with lichen and moss, while the third needs a bit more time outside to weather up. All are in perfect condition and made of fiber cement so durable in all climates. We also have a set of three large Élo Elephant Ear Planters (#CPL 1109) that mix beautifully with the smaller ones. They would make a superb display planted up with sedum, wavy grasses or mounded with moss for a Zen-like display.

France, CA 1970

H: 8.25 in  D: 21 in  W: 21.25 in

Price:  $1,200 each

Ref: CPL 1133 a, b, c