French Grape-Picker’s Hotte Marked "Pauillac, Medoc"

French Grape-Picker's Hotte Marked "Pauillac, Medoc"

We were fortunate enough to be able to source four original galvanized steel grape-picker hottes that vineyard workers used to wear on their backs to collect the harvested grapes from the vines. This beauty has a later stencil on it that reads "Pauillac, Medoc" and the number "6" near the bottom but still bears its original leather straps. The patina is glorious in spite of some expected small dents and they would make wonderful wall planters or decorative objects in your wine cellar. This one is on the far-left in the last photo. Priced and sold individually, but they would make a superb collection!

France, CA 1920.

H: 40.5 in  D: 13 in  W: 22 in

Price:  $1,200

Ref: CPL 1134