Very Large English Circular Teak Tree Bench

It's quite rare that we come across a large circular tree bench in teak with such beautiful patination and greening (the 1st phase in moss development that will continue if it is placed in a shady and damp place). In two parts, this piece will fit around a very large tree, as the interior diameter is 40.5 inches (and the overall diameter is a whopping 85+ inches). Solid and sturdy with no wobble to it, with a beautiful silver color, it will give you decades of pleasure sitting under your favorite tree, perhaps with a cocktail in hand!
Please note that the two halves bolt together, but were not bolted in all photos. There is no separation between the halves when bolted together.

England, CA 1980.

H: 34 in  Diameter: 85.25 in  Seat Depth: 17 in  Seat Height: 18 1/8 in

Price:  SOLD

Ref: FBE 1071