Pair of Long French Cast Stone Renaissance Revival Jardinieres/Planters

This long pair of cast stone jardinieres features a creamy white surface with light gray weathering, and an intricate panel of deeply cast bas relief figures on the front side that tell a story. From the left-hand side, we see the outline of a medieval castle, followed by a figure of a veiled woman waving goodbye, followed by a man on a horse accompanied by a man with a shield and then finally, a large thistle (symbol of both Lorraine and Scotland) with a man holding on to the tail of a deer or stag, signifying a triumphant return to his homeland with food. All in all, a very nice story and something we've never seen before. The planters are in excellent condition, with a bit of iron armature showing through on the inside that doesn't impede their look or functionality, although we could cover them up for you. They would be lovely potted up with mounded moss or upright flowers that don't cover the unique front side. The remaining 3 sides of each planter are plain with no casting.

France, CA 1930.

H: 9.5 in  D: 10 in  W: 37 in

Price:  SOLD

Ref: CPL 1138