Rare Fiske Cast Iron Statement Urn on Plinth

Rare Fiske Cast Iron Statement Urn on Plinth

We have married this exceptional handled tazza urn to a conforming stepped and tiered cast iron plinth with wreath decoration to great effect. Both the urn and plinth have been polished and waxed and make a stunning statement. The urn, although unsigned, has the leaf and berry rim identical to a pair of signed Fiske urns that we had many years ago and features a depth of casting and intricate detail made only by the very best foundries. The hexagonal foot on squared base is rare, as are the exceptional handles. All-in-all a grand statement for your entrance hall, library, or in the center of your garden.

American, CA 1880.

H: 41 in  D: 30.5 in

Price:  $5,200

Ref: CUR 1016 & SPL 1010

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