17th Century French Terracotta Biot Jar

17th Century French Terracotta Biot Jar

This is a wonderful example of 17th century Biot jars or pots, which hail from the town of Biot in Provence. These vessels, which are glazed on the interior and exterior rim, were used to hold oil and this particular one is marked on the neck with two cross marks in a circle. This represents the mark of the oil merchant so he could easily identify and retrieve his pots. With a beautifully-weathered surface and ochre drip marks from its original firing, it would make a wonderful focal point in your garden or home. This one has a nearly invisible repair to an area below the rim (shown in photos #6, 7, 8 and 9), that does not affect its overall look or function. We have listed it at a substantial discount to what other authentic 17th century Biot pots bring because of the repair. Please note that these pots were never intended as planters and so do not have a drainage hole, but we can do that for you for a modest up-charge and we can also have a custom liner made for it. Please note that Biot pots are not suitable for cold climates, unless emptied and brought indoors over the winter.

France, CA 1680.

H: 30.5 in  D: 20.5 in

Price:  $4,625 RESERVED

Ref: CPO 1037

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