Monumental 18th Century French Limestone Wellhead with Overthrow

If you are looking for a wellhead with everything you could want, this is it! Carved by hand in the 18th century from a single block of stone (Calcaire de Vendée) and then separated into two halves to make it transportable, the wellhead features the classic circle within a square design. The overthrow was reconstructed sometime in the late 19th or early 20th century and it has been grafted onto the original 18th century wrought iron curled feet. It separates from the stone part and the rope pulley is also removable. In fabulous condition, with a beautiful lichened and weathered patina, this piece will make any garden. Please be advised that a forklift is required to move it, but we will palletize it prior to shipment. You can choose to leave the two sections abutted as in the photo or mortar them together on site. You can also pour a concrete floor on site should you want to convert it into a fountain. Dimensions of the stone part are 56" wide x 59.5" deep (including gap between sections) x 30" hi. The overthrow measures 73" hi. Overall height is 129".

France, CA Mid-18th C.

H: 129 in  D: 59.5 in  W: 56 in

Price:  SOLD

Ref: FOW 1002