Pair of French 18th C Carved Stone Rollers/Gate Piers

Pair of French 18th C Carved Stone Rollers/Gate Piers

Known in French as "roulleaux", these large hand-carved stone pieces were originally used to grind wheat, but now decorate the French countryside as gate piers on either side of a driveway. This near-pair is enormous, loaded with moss and lichen, and dates to the mid-18th C. They feature their original wrought iron spikes at the top, which are inset into the stone with mortar and generally hold chains across a driveway in France. Easily removable if you like, so these wonderful monolithic pieces could stand alone in your garden as pieces of ancient, yet contemporary-looking, sculpture. Alternatively, it may be possible to drill vertical holes through the center to convert these pieces into fountains. Either way, they makes for unique and statuesque pieces in either a classical or contemporary garden. Please note that we also have a single roulleau of slightly larger stature for sale (POR 1042), shown with this pair in the last photo. Please note each piece weighs about 2000 lbs. and require a forklift. One is slightly taller than the other, which can be remedied by burying the slightly taller one in the ground a few inches. Dimensions are: 42.5 hi x 29.5" diameter and 39.37" hi x 30.32" diameter.

France, CA 1760.

H: 42.5 in  D: 29.5 in

Price:  $8,575, the pair  RESERVED

Ref: POR 1041