Enormous French 18th C Carved Stone Roller Sculpture

Enormous French 18th C Carved Stone Roller Sculpture

Known in French as "rouleaux", these large hand-carved stone pieces were originally used to grind wheat, but now decorate the French countryside as gate piers on either side of a driveway. This one is enormous, loaded with moss and lichen, and dates to the mid-18th C. It features its original wrought iron spike at the top, which is inset into the stone with mortar, but we would think about removing it so this wonderful monolithic piece could stand alone in your garden as a piece of ancient, yet contemporary-looking, sculpture. Alternatively, it may be possible to drill a vertical hole through the center to convert it into a fountain. Either way, it makes for a unique and statuesque piece in either a classical or contemporary garden. Please note this piece weighs about 2000 lbs. and requires a forklift.

France, CA 1760.

H: 42.5 in  D: 29.5 in

Price:  $5,725

Ref: POR 1042

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