Authentic English Victorian Wirework Loveseat

Authentic English Victorian Wirework Loveseat

It is rare, indeed, when we find an all original and authentic wirework piece, particularly in this desirable small size. Made of reinforced braided wire encased in steel sleeves, and then paired with wrought iron arms, legs and supports, this loveseat adds a timeless romantic element to your garden or lawn. Moreover, it's actually very comfortable to sit in. In exceptionally good condition, with lovely craquelure old white painted surface, this piece is best displayed against a simple green hedge or, alternatively, in the midst of an over-the-top stand of tall perennials. Or if you're a maverick, place it in a guest bathroom to hold towels and robes. It has a bit more rust now than when these photos were taken, but can easily be cleaned up with a can of spray paint. However, as is, NO rust comes off on your white pants after sitting on it and substantial grinding around, and we are in the process of repainting it.

England, CA 1870.

H: 32 in  D: 26 in  W: 41.5 in

Price:  $3,800 SALE PRICE: $1,700

Ref: FBE 1016