Three Enormous Elephant Ear Planters by Elo in the Manner of Willy Guhl

Three Enormous Elephant Ear Planters by Elo in the Manner of Willy Guhl

Hardly any dealers know that a mid-20th century French Company named Elo knocked off many of Willy Guhl designs manufactured by Eternit in Switzerland, including that of the famed "Elephant Ear" planters, generally mis-identified as Handkerchief or Mouchoir planters. The distinguishable difference between the Elo version and the Eternit Elephant Ear versions is that the the Elo planters have four downward sloping edges, while the Eternit/Willy Guhl planters have two diagonally-opposing flat corners and two diagonally-opposing downward sloping corners. In fact, if you look carefully at other listings of "Elephant Ear" planters, you will find many that are mis-labeled as being Willy Guhl, when they are, in fact, Elo. Regardless, we have three wonderfully-patinated Elo planters, two of which are in perfect condition, and one that has a chipped edge to two different corners, both of which are old chips and weathered over. We love them all as is, but we can have the chipped one invisibly restored for a modest up-charge if you desire. They look sensational potted up with a profuse array of annuals and sedum that spill over the sides or simply with mounded moss for a sleek Zen look. Made of fiber cement, a lightweight material that is durable in all climates, they can be left outside year-round. 

France, CA 1960.

H: 12.5 in  D: 30 in  W: 31.5 in

Price:  $7250, the set of three

Ref: CPL 1109 A, B & C